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About Us

Your Global Digital Media Source

Avantage® Entertainment is a cutting-edge sports analysis and media company. We aim to enhance your entertainment experience with around-the-clock breaking news and premium insights on the biggest clubs and players in the world. Our state-of-the-art digital media platform can scale globally and serve hundreds of millions simultaneously. We are revolutionizing the delivery of live and fresh content across news feeds, reporting, social media and immersive fan engagement

The Tradition of Competition

Avantage propels you into the middle of the field to compete alongside your heroes in the same match, at the same time. Our peer-to-peer platform enables competition between individuals and teams. Join a team, compete in leagues or tournaments, and monitor your progress on the global leaderboard.

Our Story

As a company, we believe in...

  • Unforgettable Experiences
  • Trailblazing
  • Authenticity
  • The Power of Fun
  • Worthy Competition
  • Redefining Limits
  • Attitude & Gratitude
  • Doing It with Style
  • Playing to Win

And that's what underlines our efforts to bring these products and services to the world.

Meet Our Team

Founder & Chairman

Marcus was a pioneer in the student loan industry in the 1990s, where he marketed loans directly to students and built three businesses issuing close to $20 billion in student loans. An innovator and entrepreneur with more than 40 years of business leadership experience, Marcus is well-versed in all aspects of business formation, marketing, operation, finance, and management.

He is a visionary trailblazer who has grown multiple start-ups into industry leaders and a relentless optimist who believes there is no failure, only feedback. Marcus is poised to have Avantage Entertainment make a similar impact on the entertainment industry.

He majored in Finance at the University of Georgia and remains an avid Georgia Bulldog fan.

CEO / President

Andre is a successful business leader with a winning track record in achieving bottom-line business results for shareholders, customers, employers and employees. He leads and inspires with passion, loyalty and commitment. Andre has 25+ years of executive leadership experience working with multi-state domestic and international, publicly traded and privately held companies, start-ups, pre-IPO, M&A, government and individual clients.

With fresh, innovative thinking and delivering solutions that are driven by passion and guided by knowledge, experience and wisdom, Andre is always looking for new business opportunities and challenges on a global scale. In early 2016, he joined his old friend and business partner, Marcus Katz, in starting an exciting new business venture in the digital media and entertainment industry.

Andre holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of London, King's College.

Chief Operating Officer

Susan joined Avantage Entertainment in 2016 as the Director, Business Administration and was promoted to Chief Operating Officer in January 2020. She is tasked with overseeing the day-to-day administrative and operational functions of the business, including HR, Contracts, Licensing and Administration.

She is an accomplished and self-motivated individual with over 25 years in managing teams across multidisciplinary departments. Susan is most successful in a fast-paced, complex environment where she can apply her detail-oriented approach, collaborative communication style and unflappable dedication to get the job done!

Susan holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business and a Master of Business Administration from National University. She enjoys family time with her six children and seven grandchildren.

Chief Financial Officer

David joined Avantage Entertainment in January 2017 as the Sr. Corporate Accountant and was promoted to Chief Financial Officer in June 2019.

David is an experienced Accountant and Consultant with a demonstrated history of working across multiple industries, including hospitality, manufacturing, retail, logistics, and entertainment. Combining his personal, professional and academic background has helped him achieve extensive and progressive success in Control Systems Design, Business Process Improvement, Logistics Management, and Auditing.

He holds a bachelor's in Accounting and a master's in Accounting from Florida International University and has been a Certified Public Account (CPA) for more than 20 years.

Chief Marketing Officer

Sam joined Avantage Entertainment in early 2018 as a consultant to work with our founder in developing a marketing strategy and was promoted to Chief Marketing Officer in January 2020. Sam is a tech start-up entrepreneur with a background in performance marketing. He helped crowdfund $30 million for his last venture and after exiting that went on to plan and implement influencer campaigns for many Fortune 500 brands such as Disney, General Mills, and Nestle.

He is constantly challenging the status quo in pursuit of a better way. As a serial entrepreneur his focus is to build companies that make a difference. That change an entire industries by revolutionizing their business models and how they connect and engage with their customers and "true fans".

Sam studied Marketing and Psychology at the University of St. Thomas and holds multiple certifications through Google, Microsoft and other marketing analytic methods.

Chief Compliance Officer

Andrew is a Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM), and Project Management Professional (PMP) with over 20 years' experience securing, assessing, and managing Information Technology (IT) environments for highly sensitive and classified environments.

He has built robust, International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 27001-compliant security programs, developed and implemented policies, and driven security policy adoption, adherence, and compliance through tailored training, continuous monitoring, and regulatory reporting.

Andrew holds Master of Arts Degrees in Management, Human Resource Development, and Psychology from Webster University and North Central University.

Chief Information Security Officer

Andres has extensive experience in the information technology and cybersecurity fields. He has served in an advisory capacity and designed secure communications for several government organizations.

Additionally, Andres has worked in the private sector at companies such as Sony and Tanium, leading their worldwide expansion, infrastructure development and security. Andres also has experience with various software development projects and security; infrastructure and data protection initiatives; conducting vulnerability analyses; creating policies and procedures; leading internal auditing processes; creating numerous reports and conducting presentations; managing vendors and internal teams; disaster recovery/business continuity; game design; cloud security; extensive technology research and strategic technical planning.

Andres has a master's of Information Assurance, and a bachelor's degree in Organizational Management and has the following certifications: CISSP, CEH, CCNP, ACE, CCNA, NSTISSI and CNSSI.

Vice President

Celesd has more than 25 years of experience as a Marketing, Sales and Product Development Executive. She joined the Avantage Executive Team at its inception, her 3rd venture with Founder, Marcus Katz. Celesd currently contributes to all aspects of defining the business roadmap, product development, market entry planning, global entity creation, global resources planning, growth delivery and strategic partnership development.

She has served in senior management positions in multiple highly regulated industries, on community organization boards, and operated as an independent business owner. In all of these roles, she has elevated her business, departments, colleagues and partners to unprecedented levels of success.

Celesd believes that people are the cornerstone of every business and at the core of every business endeavor. Her passions lie in blazing new trails, making a difference and helping people help themselves.

Director, Customer Relations

Starla joined Avantage with almost 20 years of experience leading customer relations and sales teams. Her success is a direct result of her ability to motivate and inspire her teams.

In addition to heading Customer Relations, Starla contributes her perspective to various company initiatives from technology and product development to marketing and human resources.

She believes that it's the people that make or a break a company. She strives to infuse fun and laughter into every encounter whether it's with employees, vendors or partners. She believes you must have fun while you're busy working hard, breaking new ground and making miracles happen.

Starla graduated magna cum laude with a BA in Psychology from the University of Colorado, Boulder and earned an MA in Organization Management from Forbes School of Business.



Avantage is looking for new stars to join our diverse team. If you're passionate about sports and games, believe in excellence and the effort required to get there, and thrive in an innovative and inclusive culture, we'd love to hear from you.

We are currently interviewing for the following roles:

Technical Recruiter/Staffing Coordinator Part Time - Remote
We are seeking a part time technical Recruiter/Staffing Coordinator to join our fast-growing team; to support interviewing, screening, assisting with resume support, and matching talent
Product Owner – Remote
Avantage is seeking a Product Owner to define and drive initiatives aimed at evolving major areas of our core gaming platform. This Product Owner will help craft the roadmap for one of our products and work closely with our engineering team to ensure its success.
Release Manager – Remote
As a Release Manager, you will report to the CTO and be responsible for the efficient delivery of our products into production in a manner compliant with GDPR, the UK Gaming Commission (UKGC) and potentially other laws and regulators in our target markets.
Full Stack Developer – Remote
When you join Avantage, you'll be working on our suite of gambling apps that includes worldwide card games and sportsbook competitions.
Project Manage/ScrumMaster – Remote
We are seeking an experienced Project Manager/ScrumMaster to join our team to take full ownership of all project planning from conception to release and work cooperatively with multiple departments and vendors to identify improvements and opportunities for efficiency.


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